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If You Aren't Automatically Syncing Between Sage 100 And HubSpot You Are Wasting Time And Money On Redundant Data Entry

Automatic Syncs Reduce The Time Your Staff Spend On Data Entry And Better Equips Them To Win Bigger Deals Faster By Being More Efficient And Armed With Better Insights Of The Clients Needs.

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Win Bigger Deals FASTER

Make The Lead Generation Engine Hum

Lead Generation Engine - When You Have Data Synced Between Your ERP And HubSpot You Can Leverage That Information To Deliver Brand Messaging That Is Relevant And Effective. High Quality Content That Meets The Wants And Needs Of Your Target Customers Increases Sales And Turns Prospects Into Paying Customers.

Close Sales Faster - Your Reps Need To Be Able To Generate Quotes Fast To Beat The Competition. They Need Data To Be Able To Upsell And Cross-Sell. Your Sales Reps Should Be Able To Quote With All The Customer’s Order And Invoice Information At Their Fingertips, And They Should Be Able To Get Pricing Applied Automatically. Fast Quote Turnaround Makes Customers More Likely To Buy.

Move Product Lightning Fast - When You Sync Your Data Your Company Will Be Buzzing With Seamless Activity To Ensure A Swift Experience For Your Customer. Sales Reps Will Be Kept In The Loop On Questions Like, “Where’s The Order?”, “Has It Shipped?”, “Was It Invoiced?”. With That Efficiency Will Come 5 Star Reviews, Future Orders And Customers For Life.

The Biggest Issue When It Comes To Trying To Build Your Own Integrations Between Multiple ERPs And CRMs Is Time And Errors. You Could Be Spending Days, Weeks Or Even Months Trying To Get Your Syncs To Function Correctly, All The While Losing Out On Revenue While You Battle With Something That Was Meant To Streamline And Simplify Your Business.

Commercient Combats This By Taking The Reigns And Setting Up Our Out-Of-The-Box Sync For You So That Your Time To Win Bigger Deals And Make Greater Revenue Is Greatly Reduced. This, Coupled With Our Unique VR Onboarding Which Gives You The Ability To Onboard And Understand Your Sync Requirements In An Interactive And Guided Way, Means That You Will Have Your Syncs Firing Flawlessly In No Time.

HubSpot End

Commercient Sync Is A Solution For HubSpot Users That Helps Generate Better Leads And Gives Sales Everything They Need At Their Fingertips To Close Bigger Deals Faster. It Is Built For Organizations That Need To Get More Out Of Their HubSpot CRM.

Sage 100 End

The Best Part Is That It Also Syncs With Your ERP. It Makes Information From Sage 100 Accessible To The Right People In Sales. That’s Powerful. It Means That Closed And Won Orders Can Drive The ERP Process Flow. No More Dual Entry.

Your Big Win

Now Sales Reps Have The Customer, Contact, Product And Invoicing Available To Them In Real Time To Be Able To Quickly And Accurately Quote And Sell A Deal. The Accounting Department Can Automatically Drive Orders Out The Door. It Eliminates Errors And Helps Reps To Achieve Stronger Business Outcomes That Increase Your Revenue.

Join 100's Of Our Partners Already Enjoying More Revenue And Profits

“If A Customer Calls, Our Reps Can Pull Up An Invoice In Our CRM Thanks To SYNC, And Relay Any Info Back To The Customer.”

Jeremy Borggen, Purchasing Manager at Elite Biomedical

“We’re Able To Track Orders And Invoice Quicker With The Information On Our Hands, We Can Identify Problems Quicker And Address Those Problems. This Helped With Communication Between Areas, And To Provide Quick And Accurate Answers To Customers, Which Made The Job Smoother And Easier."

Katie Kerkman, CRM Administrator at
Alpine Power Systems

“SYNC Allows Our Sales Team To Be Able To Pull Their Own Reports, Updated Every Hour.”

Kristen Keahey, Director of Sales and Marketing at Vanguard Salon Systems


Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I need to be a HubSpot expert or Sage 100 expert to do this?

Simply put, you don’t need to be an expert in anything other than your business operations. You may find that having a HubSpot expert either on staff or a consulting partner may help you achieve all your goals for HubSpot including this integration.

Should I wait until I have HubSpot up and running?

We find our most successful customers start by SYNC’ing their data first. This eliminates the need to delete, match or decide if you want to keep existing data. This saves you time and money.

What data can sync from Sage 100 to HubSpot?

● New Contacts to HubSpot ● New Companies to HubSpot ● New Deals to HubSpot ● New products into the Deal in HubSpot ● Update Contact in HubSpot ● Update Company in HubSpot ● Update Deal in HubSpot ● Attach Contact and Company in Deal in HubSpot

Can I limit or control the data that I SYNC?

Yes. You can choose the type of information included in the SYNC by applying various filters.

Does Commercient Sync work with my version of HubSpot?

Commercient SYNC works with all versions of HubSpot which includes: ● Starter ● Enterprise ● Professional

Where is my data stored and will my data be protected?

Commercient products have been taken through a rigorous review to ensure that your data is not compromised through the integration. Everything will be encrypted during each SYNC. We use AWS for the integration. AWS meets the highest security compliance for regional, government, consumer, health and business industry standards.

Can I use the data with third party apps?

Yes, the information that is included in the SYNC becomes native to the HubSpot CRM, meaning that you can use it anyway that HubSpot’s functionality allows. This includes, but is not limited to, using the data with third party apps, in reports and dashboard, and in the HubSpot search bar.

Can I SYNC different tables at different frequencies?

No, to keep our prices low and to be able to consistently offer the best possible customer support, we SYNC all of your desired information at the same scheduled frequency.

Can I hide fields that I don’t want to see?

Yes! After the SYNC is set up, we offer a Screen Layout training where a Commercient expert will teach you how to see the information that you desire.

How much downtime will occur in my HubSpot org while you set up the SYNC?

The SYNC will not affect the operation of your HubSpot org. You will be able to continue using the org throughout implementation.

Can we SYNC my UDFs?

Yes! Integrating your UDFs is not a problem; however, to properly scope out the project, please mention the UDFs to your sales representative.

How long does it take to get set up?

While the installation is handled by Commercient, there are various phases in the process where we ask for customer verification. As a result of this, the timeline is very customer driven. On average, the installation can take anywhere from 3 - 15 weeks.

What access do you need to my systems?

During implementation, we will need access to the ERP and CRM.

How will I know my SYNC is working?

You will have access to a Commercient Customer Panel that provides you with insights as to how many records are SYNC’ing, how much data has been used and even the status of your implementation project.

What access do you need to my systems?

The HubSpot AE’s role is to provide you with the HubSpot CRM. The implementation partner will take that HubSpot CRM and customize it to your specific needs. Essentially, they will make HubSpot look and feel the way you want. Commercient will create the integration to bring your crucial ERP data over to HubSpot, providing you with the data that you want to see.